Morris Pomade Water Base Super Grease 80 gr



  • Affordable prices
  • Strong hold
  • Fragrant
  • Easy to set up and durable
  • Last longer with a formula that is easy to rinse.


  • Harga terjangkau
  • Strong hold
  • Wangi
  • Mudah ditata dan tahan lama
  • Tahan lebih lama dengan formula yang mudah dibilas.


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[:en]Morris Pomade Easy Styling that has a classy, high-power set and is easy to restyling. With extra olive oil so that it can moisturize the hair. Suitable for hairstyles that are not too hard and look smooth.[:id]Morris Pomade Easy Styling yang memiliki daya set klimis classy dan mudah restyling. Dengan extra olive oil sehingga dapat melembabkan rambut. Cocok untuk faya rambut yang tidak terlalu keras dan terlihat klimis.[:]

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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