Morris Pomade Oil Base Funky 80gr



  • Easy to use and not sticky in the hand
  • Affordable prices
  • Strong hold
  • Fragrant
  • Easy to set up and durable
  • Aroma of Grapefruit, mint, cut grass and cactus flower


  • Mudah digunakan dan tidak lengket ditangan
  • Harga terjangkau
  • Strong hold
  • Wangi
  • Mudah ditata dan tahan lama
  • Aroma Grapefruit, mint, cut grass dan cactus flower


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[:en]Morris Pomade Pungky can be an addition to your style, with a unique aroma from Grapefruit, Mint, Cut grass and Cactus flower that will make the impression of clarity on the hair. By adding skin nutrition to the hair so as not to fall out easily. Suitable for use in formal or non-formal events.[:id]Morris Pomade Pungky bisa menjadi tambahan style anda, dengan aroma unik dari Grapefruit, Mint, Cut grass dan Cactus flower akan membuat kesan Klimis pada rambut. Dengan tambahan nutrisi kulit pada rambut agar tidak mudah rontok. Cocok digungkan untuk acara formal atau non formal.[:]

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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